At Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd, we value our people and recognize their contributions to the organisation. And thus, we provide a place for our people to hone their skills and develop their hidden potential. Our people are driven, intelligent, resourceful, and innovative. And most importantly, we value safety above all to protect our equipment, the environment, and ourselves.

Global Exposure

Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd EPC projects take place across the globe, mainly in the Middle East and Asian countries. You will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and be part of groundbreaking projects.



We don’t just do things because it’s always been the status norm. Our people constantly look for innovative solutions or approaches to resolve work issues so that we do it right the first time and every time in order to fulfill our commitment to our customers

Project Management Driven

We are always conscientious about our clients’ expectations and will go the extra mile to ensure that our goals and targets are delivered on time and on schedule to satisfy their needs. At Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd, you will experience and be a part of our project oriented environment.

Safe Work Environment

In Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd, safety of our people is our top priority. That is why we insist on the most stringent level of safety processes at every stage of the project. We commit to the highest standards of regulatory and company practices because we care for our people.

Compensation & Benefits

Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd is committed to attracting, developing, motivating and retaining the best people to deliver our trademark services through offer to competitive salaries and benefits.

Career Progression

Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd prepares our employees for future work challenges as they advance in their career to assume future leadership roles. You can expect individual development through in-house training and on-the-job training. We believe your career aspiration will be fulfilled and rewarded as you progress with Oxen Technologies and Engineering Pte Ltd.